Sunday is Coming! — May 22, 2016

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It’s Saturday…but Sunday is Coming

May 14, 2016


 I. What’s happening at HBC


 Please pray for our Short Term Missions Ministries


Russ & Naomi Bennett, TEAM
Zimbabwe, May 21-June 13


Anna Walsh, Operation Renewed Hope
Dominican Republic, May 22 – May 28


 Gloria Book & Julia Johnson, Empower a Child
Uganda, June 12 – July 12


June 20 -24 Vacation Bible School


June 26 Rope Bridge Groups will meet


June 27 – July 1 The annual IFCA International Convention will convene in Springfield, Illinois


June 28 Missions Committee meeting


July 3  Annual Pig Roast


II. Prayer and Praying in the Old Testament… something different this week!


I have found 10 instances of prayer in the book of Exodus. How many can you find???? (my list will be included next week!)


III.  Interpreting the Bible 


Three Basic Steps
Observation – What does the passage say?
Interpretation – This is the great question of interpretation: “What does it mean?”
Application – What am I to do about it?
Key: if are wrong in the interpretation, we almost certainly will be wrong in application!


Six Gaps that we must overcome in order to accurately interpret the Bible.
The first book of the Bible was written in about 1400 B.C. The last book of the Bible was written in about A.D. 90. These books were written on 3 continents by about 40 human authors. No wonder interpreting the Bible can be challenging! We can distinguish several specific gaps that must be bridged.


Time Gap (Chronological)
The last book of the Bible was written over 2000 years ago. It just isn’t possible for us to speak to the Apostle Paul, for instance, and ask him, “Just what did you mean when you wrote… .”


Space Gap (Geographical)
We live several thousand miles from the lands where the Bible was written. It would be easier for us to interpret various scriptures if we could see where the events of the Bible occurred.  In 1984 I took a Grace Seminary course in Bible Geography. The campus was in Israel, and we also traveled to Jordon, Egypt and Greece. In southern Israel we stood at the entrance to the Wilderness of Zin, the northern region of the travels of Moses during the 40 years of wandering. As I hiked about ¼ mile into the wilderness (enduring the 118-degree temperature!), I began to think, “I can understand why they complained!” At least part of the Space Gap was overcome by this geography course!
To be continued…


IV. This Week’s Significant Events and Quotes in Church History

Source: Christian History Institute ( Used with permission


May 22


Death of Constantine, the first Roman emperor to consider himself a Christian. He had issued an edict officially tolerating Christianity and summoned the Council of Nicaea to settle the Arian dispute over the nature of Christ


Pope Gregory XI issues a bull against John Wycliffe.


May 23


The scarred and disfigured body of the Orthodox bishop Platon of Banja Luka is found in the village of Kumsale, Croatia. Along with thousands of others he was killed in ethnic cleansing by the Ustashe, a Croatian fascist organization.


Evangel, the first of several Baptist rail cars was dedicated in Cincinnati Ohio. Ten feet wide and sixty feet long, it will seat one hundred worshippers. Northern Pacific Railroad’s General Manager orders his people to take the car on any of the company’s trains at no charge


May 24


Death of pastor and hymnwriter Jospeh Hart. Twenty thousand people will attend his funeral. Although reared godly, he had become virulently opposed to Christianity and wrote against John Wesley. However, at forty years of age, he returned to his childhood faith and began to write hymns. Among the most best known was “Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy.” His hymns were so successful he was encouraged to become a Congregational minister. He was so fervent that great crowds gathered to hear him preach.


Robert Robinson, sixteen years old, hears George Whitefield preach and writes in his Bible “renatus” (born again). He will become a Baptist pastor and the author of the hymn “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing.”


John Wesley feels his “heart strangely warmed” when he hears a reading of the preface to Luther’s commentary on Romans at London’s Aldersgate Chapel. The event turns him into a soul-winner.


May 25
Death of Baptist hymnwriter John Ryland after saying “no more pain.” He had helped William Carey organize the first Baptist mission had written the hymn “Lord teach a little child to pray.”
May 26


Lillian May Thomas, an African-American, sails for the Congo as a missionary.


May 27


Billy Graham got his start in big city evangelism at a Youth for Christ rally at Orchestra Hall in Chicago ten days before D-Day.


Death at Geneva of John Calvin, reformer and theologian.


May 28


A communist party congress in Czechoslavkia declares its right to educate children in atheistic Leninism without regard for their parents’ religious values.


German university masters attack John Wycliffe’s doctrines which had spread to their nation by way of John Hus and others.


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