Sunday is Coming — June 26, 2016

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It’s Saturday… but Sunday is Coming!


I. What’s happening at HBC


Please pray for Gloria Book, Julia Johnson our missionaries in Uganda. 



The  Ocean of Commotion Vacation Bible School is now concluded, the closing program being held yesterday evening.



–An amazing volunteer staff

–An outstanding program from Answers In Genesis

–An incredible decorating scheme to make the week unforgettable for the kids

–Committed teachers who are teaching God’s Word and presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ

–Remarkable attendance, nearly 60 children every day


–Continued open hearts among the children to respond to the Gospel

–Continued open hearts among all who attended the program respond to the Gospel

–Opportunities to vigorously follow-up with any who got saved

–Opportunity to connect with the families of the children, especially families where Christ is not known

The Vehicle Challenge continues through June

–Let’s help Brian and Tabita Drinkall get a car for their ministry in Malaysia!

– Any amount up to $6,000.00 received through June will be matched.

– Please make checks to Harvard Bible Church and designate “Vehicle” in the memo line

– The Vehicle Challenge is the missions project for VBS. The children are enthused about this!

– If we meet this challenge, we will significantly enhance the Drinkall’s ministry in Malaysia



Bridge Groups will meet after the Worship Service today 


June 28

Missions Committee meeting


June 27-July 1

The annual IFCA International Convention will convene in Springfield, Illinois. Pastor will be carpooling with Rich Griffin III, who is coming from Connecticut this weekend.

They will be joined by another IFCA pastor, Mohan Paul of India. You may learn about his ministry at  He arrived in the USA yesterday, and he is staying with friends in Round Lake Beach. After ministering in Detroit on Sunday, he will be joining Pastor and Rich on Monday for our trip to Springfield. Brother Paul is planning to introduce us to his ministry in India on July 3rd.


July 3

Annual Pig Roast


July 10

Russ and Naomi Bennett will give a report on their recent ministry in Zimbabwe, Africa


July 14, 6:30 PM – Church Board Meeting




II. Prayer and Praying in the Old Testament


Prayer in Exodus

Ex. 2:23-25 – God heard the prayer of the Israelites who were in bondage in Egypt

Ex. 3-4 – Moses has an extended prayer/conversation with God. Notice especially Ex. 3:11-14 and Ex. 4:10-14

Ex. 5:22-23 – Moses complains that God has not yet delivered Israel from Egypt as promised

Ex. 10:16-19 – As requested by Pharaoh, Moses prays that God will remove the locusts from Egypt

Ex. 15:1-19 – A prayer/song of praise after the exodus from Egypt

Ex. 17:4 – Moses complains to God about the complaining of the Israelites

Ex. 22:26 – God promises to hear the prayer of the poor and oppressed

Ex. 32:11-14 – Moses intercedes for the Israelites when God declares judgment against them

Ex. 32:30-32 – Moses again intercedes for the Israelites when God declares judgment against them

Ex. 33:12-23 – Moses asks for God’s presence as he leads the people. Then, in the most daring prayer recorded in Scripture, Moses asks to see God’s glory

Ex. 34:29 – Moses talked with God on the mountain, resulting in his face radiating light


III. This Week’s Significant Events and Quotes in Church History

Source: Christian History Institute (

Used with permission


June 24

64 Nero begins the first imperial persecution of Christians.

June 25

1865 English pioneer missionary J. Hudson Taylor, unable to bear the thought of millions perishing in the east, prays for twenty-four willing and skillful workers, and founds the China Inland Mission (later known as OMF—the Overseas Missionary Fellowship International).

June 26

1886 Isaac Barton Kimbrough tells the Texas legislature how he was held up by highwaymen in Tennessee while raising funds for a Christian college and how he persuaded the young men to donate to the worthy cause.

June 27

1978 The “Moscow Seven,” Siberian believers, take refuge at the United States’ embassy in Moscow.

June 28

856 Argimirus, an old monk, is executed by Muslims in Cordova after someone betrays him to the authorities

June 29

1315 Death by stoning of mystic and missionary Raymond Lull in Bougie, North Africa (Tunisia). He had been persuaded by a vision to seek the conversion of Muslims, had founded a school to train men to the task, and had studied Islamic culture.

June 30

1860 Bishop Samuel Wilberforce and biologist Thomas Huxley engage in a famous exchange regarding evolution. Before the debate, Wilberforce was coached by biologist Richard Owen.

July 1

1937 Martin Niemoller, a leading Lutheran who resists Nazi racism, is arrested by the Gestapo. Released once, he will be arrested again and will spend many years in prison.

July 2

1505 Terrified by a thunderstorm, Martin Luther vows to become a monk and soon afterward enters the order of Augustinian Hermits.

July 3

1880 Prussia declares that clergy are subordinate to the state.


VI. Interpreting the Bible

Continued in the next edition!

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